My Experience with RUMPS…Your Questions Answered….Collaboration Feature…




Hey Ladies, let’s talk about menstrual periods. How was your experience when you first started? How old you were? Did you had that “talk” with your mom or guardian? Any “embarassing” moments? I know many of you can relate…. So I’ll start….

This blog is in collaboration with the lovely S. Michelle Watson a You Tuber who speaks about self love and sexual health. Check out her you tube video

My period started at age 12, at that time I was in Junior High School, in Social Studies class. I felt extremely wet and uncomfortable in my undies, and asked to be excused to the restroom. To my surprise I was beginning my first period. My mom previously prepared me with reading materials, pads that I carried with me and a extra pair of underwear. I immediately jumped into gear and hurried back to my class, grabbed my bag and went and cleaned my self up. I wasn’t embarrassed nor was I nervous. I just couldn’t wait to go home so I could take a hot shower. The only downside of having my period during school days was the girls restroom was very limited with toiletries and liquid hand soap.

My cycle lasted 7 days every 28 days. It was consistent.  The disposable brand “Always” was introduced to me by my mom and I kept using it throughout my adult life. I never wore a Tampon because the idea of inserting anything inside my “va jay jay” was VERY terrifying to me. To this day I never once tried one nor would I ever will.  Cramps, bloating, heavy periods, or feeling sick was never an issue during my cycle. I can say all these years I’ve had a easy peachy cycle until……

I was experiencing recurring annoying vaginal discomfort, recurrent yeast infections, and the list continues on.. I visited my GYN and each time was given “Diflucan” that ONE pill that claims to get rid of the yeast in 7 days. I’ve tried everything under the sun to get some relief, never once I thought I could be having a reaction to disposables.  I began my research and was shocked to know what harmful chemicals had been used.  Michelle will go into details more of what disposables are made up. LINK IS ABOVE

One of my social media friends introduced me to Natracare which were a all natural disposables made from 100% organic cotton, plastic free, chlorine free and compostable. I used them during my cycle on a trial basis and had no reaction to these. During that same time I stumbled upon a post about cloth pads aka RUMPS reusable menstrual products on a Facebook page. I did countless researches on You Tube, asked tons of questions on social media, joined many Facebook cloth makers, just to get a feel of this new journey that I might bark upon. It didn’t take long for me to decide 🙂  Currently I owned 60+ pads. 

October 2016 I exclusively made the switch to the cloth pad journey. I started out with 10 at the time, and in between cycles I was washing them and re-using them until I purchased more. I build my stash very quickly ranging from different sizes 7″ Liners – Moderates up to 12″. To make it easier on deciding on size, I measured one of my disposables and it measured 10″. Now this became the fun part, deciding on the pretty prints, fabrics toppers  (Cotton, Organic Bamboo Velour, Pique, Organic Cotton Velour) just to name a few, and sizes. 


So with all that being said I’m sure you ladies are wondering how do I store my soiled pads during the day while at work? Where do I keep them during the work day.  How do I wash them? Where do I keep my cleans pad on off cycle days.

I carry a medium size PUL (polyurethane Laminate) wet bag that is made with a waterproof fabric. I carry 5 cleans pads per day with me (it will vary for some on your flow), and I change comfortable into a clean one each time I need to urinate.  The soiled ones are kept in the PUL zippered part of the wet bag. This is stored in my work bag until end of work day. At the end of my cycle the pads are soaked in cold water, and stained treat with Oxi clean, peroxide or Zote. Followed with a complete COLD water wash cycle in the washing machine. Any detergent of your choice, no fabric softener. Hang dry and store for following month. It’s very very simple. 

On average I used about 20 pad each month.


Here are some Pros and Cons of using RUMPS                                                                                             


  • no more painful rashes, and vaginal discomfort                      

  • decreased cycle days

  • cost effective 

  • no more yucky period smell

  • no more unhealthy chemicals on your ladyparts

  • pretty, comfy prints to choose from


  • stains (you will learn your technique in how to better stain treat)

  • not enough cycle days to use all your pretty pads

  • spending lot’s of money at first until you find your perfect size, shapes, and length

  • you might feel self conscious at first with carrying soiled pads with you throughout the day.

Would you like to join the RUMP’s journey with me? Here are a few Facebook cloth pad makers that I support. Please click each name to take you directly to there page. 

I’d love your feedback on this blog post, don’t forget to check out my friend Michelle Watson you tube video. THE LINK IS POSTED ABOVE..  Thank you all….



How I incorporate Self Love/Self Care in my busy routine




“I have come to believe that caring for myself is not self-indulgent. Caring for my self is an act of survival”

Do you forget to take care of yourself?

I know, busy lives with kids, or maybe no kids, but work, marriage, and or taking care of a love one. We often forget to take care of our mind, body and soul.  Sad but truth.

Do you feel exhausted that the thought of polishing your nails, or taking a hot soak in the tub after a long day sounds almost impossible ? Let’s face it #selfcare for us is often overlooked and shoved under the table. And the truth is, longer down the road we will suffer from the results of not taking care of us.

What is self care? Self care is one’s ability to take care of own well being and happiness.

I’m a mother of one, working in the Medical field, long 8 hours a day , I have a home, part-time job, daily homework with my son,  cooking and household chores. After that’s done I’m to exhausted to lift a finger.  But I realized if I don’t take care of me who else will? My favorite blogger/Mom Jenelle B Stewart  recently shared what she does for self care and I wanted to see if I can somehow incorporate this in my daily schedule.

If I managed to take care of everyone and everything else I should have time for me right?

Here are some ways I incorporate #selflove in my daily routine.
I recently start each day with reading a bible scripture  First 5, this app can be downloaded on your I phone or Android phone. Its a daily inspirational message that helps you connect with God for the first 5 minutes of your day.

Saturday is my day of pampering. It’s a day where I take a few hours for myself. Which includes washing my hair, DIY facials, polishing my nails and toes, listening to Pandora, reading a book or watching You Tube videos.

Planning in both my Mini Happy planner and Recollection planner helps me to keep organized for the upcoming week.

At least 3 times week for bath time I indulge in one of my favorite body scrubs. My favorite are Cream and Coco Mocha Sumatra or The Organic Loft Whipped Soap Sugar Scrub. Which every one I grab first I use Usually I alternate between the two.

I light a candle in my bathroom while showering or in my bedroom before bed.

After my bath I lather my skin with one of my body butters.  My top favorites currently are the  Cream and Coco Juicy Green Mango Crushed Coconut Butter and Rum N Raisen

Drinking a glass of milk right before bed helps me to sleep better. LOL who else does this?

And just like that you can easily add a few self care in your daily routine.  I do plan to incorporate more very soon.

Please share what #selfcare routine do you do for your self. Remember it’s important don’t sleep on it.